Griggs will preserve American values on the School Board

We make a significant investment in our children through the public school systems. We expect the educational standards to be high, but we also expect for the philosophical standards to represent the highest form of American values. Among those values are “color-blindness,” “equality,” and “merit”: values that exemplify the Declaration of Independence and preamble to the Constitution; values that have made America mature, innovate, and grow into those founding ideals and become a redemptive gift to the world: a light to any nation that strives to produce excellence and live morally while preserving liberty.

We need to trust that members of our district’s Board of “trustees” are worthy to take on the task of protecting our investment from being used to advance agendas that are contrary to the American ethos.

That is why I support Haley Griggs for the District 5 School Board because I believe that she will fight to preserve American values in the public school systems – the values that have made the United States of America the destination for anyone seeking opportunity, prosperity, and liberty the world over.

Zoe Warren

Community Activist