Haley Griggs will be an asset to Richland-Lexington School District 5

I have had the honor to know Haley Griggs and her family for many years. She is outstanding and well thought of as a Nurse Practioner in the Irmo community.

She would be a tremendous asset to the Richland-Lexington School District 5 School Board. She brings to the board a genuine commitment to strive for high-quality education that supports not only the development of her own child who is a student in the district but also for all children. She is one whose actions and decisions would reflect the best interest of each child as no one child is better than the other.

Her school board decisions on the issues would come only after objective discussions. Her rationale behind those decisions would be based on her trust in the Chapin Irmo Community for which she serves.

Her vision as a Richland-Lexington 5 school board member would be to have a collaborative relationship with both the staff and community, establishing a strong communications structure in setting and achieving the district goals.

Haley has special expertise as a healthcare professional. She could use this expertise to offer general knowledge and input about the current healthcare climate concerning issues that would affect each child.

I for one, cannot think of an individual anywhere in the Irmo-Chapin community that is more suited for this school board.

Don Sims Jr