Hostile Work Environment?

Remember all the talk about how elected officials, government, etc. should be more transparent.  I agreed then and still do.

I read the other day where at the Special Called Meeting on June 29th Council voted and approved Irmo Town Administrator Bob Brown’s “request to retire”.  Never heard of that one, and knowing what I know and using my God-given common sense, I knew this was probably not accurate.  So I FOIA’d the agreement Council voted on and approved four to one, from my understanding.

Paragraph (3) of the approved agreement states “the employee (Bob Brown) tenders his resignation to the Town … and the Town accepts his resignation …”. Not sure how anyone could misconstrue that to be a “request for retirement”, but as the world turns. I could believe it to be some kind of conspiracy so to speak, to cover up the truth, and we do all read where governments and news get together to guide and control what you are told.  But since I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt you can make your own decision. Also, in paragraph (2), 2nd sentence, “the employee (Bob Brown) further agrees not to pursue damages from the hostile work environment that he has endured during the recent months”.

Hostile work environment, really. That wasn’t there before …, but it does say “recent months”.  I know it didn’t come from the staff, since the administrator would be able to handle that problem, nor did it come from a majority of the council.  So who created this “hostile work environment”? Ahh.  Some of you also have common sense, and probably got a pretty good idea. Yet some of you are still gullible enough to believe he “requested to retire”.  Be that as it may. The world continues to turn.

Now, where are all the yakkers, the complainers about transparency? I have heard through the grapevine that many have tried to convince this one that each council member has only one vote. Are other members of council or counsel speaking up against this “one vote” being only one vote? Some say listening is the problem.   I remember having one council member yak all the time about how they listen and about how the mayor has only one vote, surely things could not have progressed/digressed to the point of a member of council not listening to others and thinking that they are more than one vote, maybe they believe they are now “the King”.  Where are the defenders of Mr. Brown and how wrongly, evidently, he was treated by you know who, or maybe you don’t? Oh that’s right, you moved out of town, don’t care anymore, got what you wanted … well, I guess … you did get at least… 

As Thomas Jefferson said, “The government you elect is the government you deserve”.  And Joseph de Malstre, “Every country (you could also include towns, etc.), has the government it deserves”. 8/15/1811

Proverbs 29:2 ESV “… when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

Bob Brown was an employee, but he is first and foremost a person, one who for recent months has endured a hostile work environment.  One vote can’t affect much, unless the other votes don’t stand up, speak, and make themselves heard.  It isn’t really that hard, it’s actually part of your job. This is shameful that other Council members, it only takes three, (a majority), didn’t stand up to one individual creating a hostile work environment for any of our Town employees.

Hardy King

Former Mayor of Irmo

Lover of Life and Enjoying It