In support of Hines

To whom it may Concern,

I am writing to express my support for Lexington County Candidate, Rebecca Hines, for Rich/Lex School District 5. Rebecca Hines has been a servant leader to the Irmo/Chapin Community since I’ve known her, especially the business community. Having served on boards and councils with Rebecca, I know her heart for this community is big. Especially her heart for students. Not to mention, her two precious daughters who will also be products of our district. As a business leader, Rebecca worked tirelessly with small businesses and local schools to develop Workforce relationships and development. As a graduate of public schools, a community college trade school, and as a licensed funeral director, I know the importance of creating mentors and opportunities for students to develop workforce training. Her knowledge and expertise in small business will be asset to our students.

As a spouse to an educator, I know first hand the struggles, mindset, and challenges that teachers face in our District. Rebecca, also the spouse of an educator, knows and understands those same issues. Rebecca will have the interests of our teachers in mind when elected to our School Board. So often, the ones that put in the work, do not get the praise. Rebecca, a true servant leader, will always strive to make sure our teachers are properly equipped, that their concerns are heard, and their success is celebrated.

Finally, having known Rebecca, I know her commitment to this community. Living locally, working locally, and worshiping locally, her family has strong ties in our community. You will not find Rebecca working for a large corporation outside of our community, frequently traveling, or missing meetings. She will be 100% available and dedicated to our community. As a friend, she is always available and just a phone call a way. As a Trustee, she will be just the same, always there.

When we head to the polls this November 3rd, let’s elect the responsible choice, the trusted choice, and the communities best choice, Rebecca Hines.

William Lynch
District 5 Resident