Candidate Support

Dear Editor:

In recent years the School Board of Lexington and Richland District 5 has been hampered by infighting and a lack of civility. We, along with many other citizens and families, wish to see a positive change in the way the School Board conducts its business and responds to our community. Our family will be supporting Rebecca Blackburn Hines during the upcoming election, and wish to offer our views as to why we believe she deserves one of the two seats in Lexington County. Too often we see individuals on our School Board issue condescending statements and remarks toward their fellow board members, and this is not how we wish our elected officials to represent our interests. We know first hand, both from a professional and personal viewpoint, that Rebecca truly values and respects the opinions and perspectives of everyone with whom she meets and interacts. Members of the School Board do not only represent their individual community or county, they represent the entire district and all of the students, families, and stakeholders within.

An area of Rebecca’s platform that resonates with our family is equity and access. As parents of a student with learning differences, we’ve had many conversations with Rebecca about how she may be an advocate to ensure that all students throughout District 5 have access to all opportunities that our schools have to offer. We firmly believe that she will be a strong voice who will foster an inclusive environment for all students and promote the best outcomes for students to reach their highest levels of success and potential. Our firsthand knowledge of Rebecca’s involvement and advocacy within our community stems from mutual participation in boards and service projects where we’ve been able to witness how she engages with fellow stakeholders and listens to all perspectives to reach the best outcome. It is with this experience in mind that we feel Rebecca Blackburn Hines is the most qualified candidate to fill one of the two Lexington County Seats on the District 5 School Board. She will be a leader who listens to and actively engages everyone prior to making any decisions, while also remaining transparent and true to her values throughout the process.

We encourage your readers to learn more about Rebecca Blackburn Hines by visiting her website,

Billy and Mary Higginbotham
Residents and parents of children in LR School District 5