Irmo Chamber Spotlights Seven Oaks Elementary’s Best

The Irmo Chamber of Commerce has recognized Aysha Alamgir and Chloe Willis from Seven Oaks Elementary School Global Magnet as the stellar Teacher and Student of the Month. The accolade sheds light on their remarkable achievements within the school community.

Aysha Alamgir, a first-grade teacher at Seven Oaks Elementary, has been named Teacher of the Month. Principal Christian English praised Ms. Alamgir, saying, “She embodies our district’s mission of loving and growing our students. Her commitment to academic and behavioral growth places her consistently at the top. Her students excel on standardized tests, making a seamless transition from kindergarten to first grade. We’re truly grateful to have her at Seven Oaks Elementary.”

Recognized as Student of the Month, Chloe Willis, a dedicated 5th-grade student, has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities at Seven Oaks Elementary. Christian English commended Chloe’s dedication, stating, “Chloe is a hardworking 5th-grade student, part of our student leadership team. She assists teachers with dismissal, ensuring they have all they need to start the day. With students transitioning in and out, Chloe ensures new students have a friend on their first day. Her caring nature adds to the positive atmosphere of our school.”