Irmo Fire Department Enhances Swift Water Rescue Skills

Irmo Fire Department recently participated in Lexington County Fire Service’s Swift Water Rescue Certification Course, with three members achieving the level of Swift Water Technician. The intensive 5-day course equipped personnel with a range of skills essential for swift water rescues, including shore-based rope throws, boat-based rescues, and hands-on victim rescues in level 2/3 rapids.

The training sessions involved challenging scenarios, taking place in 52-degree water temperatures with varying air temperatures. The course aimed to enhance the team’s capabilities in responding to swift water emergencies effectively.

Kudos to the Irmo Fire Department members for their dedication to expanding their skills and ensuring the safety of the community in challenging rescue situations. Their commitment to ongoing training is crucial in providing top-notch emergency services to the residents they serve.

Pictured left to right are Matt Malo, Hayden Clarke, Christian Paunovich, and Brandon Pearson. Photo by Irmo Fire District.