Irmo Pays Tribute to Officer Kaderly and Honors James Ray Wright

In a solemn gathering at Irmo Village Apartments on Thursday, January 4, the community came together to express heartfelt recognition and gratitude for Senior Corporal Chris Kaderly of the Irmo Police Department. The event, marked by a poignant ceremony and a symbolic balloon release, honored Officer Kaderly’s selfless attempt to save James Ray Wright from a tragic apartment fire on Saturday, December 30.

Despite sustaining injuries in the process, Officer Kaderly’s courageous efforts underscored his unwavering dedication to his duty and the safety of the community. The outcome was tragic, as Mr. Wright passed away, but the community united to acknowledge the heroism displayed by Officer Kaderly during the life-threatening incident.

Senior Corporal Chris Kaderly receives recognition for his actions on December 30.

Edna Thompson, the property manager of Irmo Village Apartments, expressed her gratitude towards Officer Kaderly and acknowledged the loss of Mr. Wright, emphasizing the impact on the community. The ceremony saw the presence of members from various local departments, including the Irmo Fire Department, Irmo Police Department, and the Irmo Police Department Community Foundation, highlighting the unity and solidarity within the local public safety community.

Chief Dale, expressing acknowledgment and pride, resonated with the community’s appreciation for law enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect others. The balloon release, a touching conclusion to the ceremony, symbolized a collective tribute to honor Mr. Wright’s memory and recognize Officer Kaderly’s bravery.

These gestures serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by first responders and the enduring spirit of community support during challenging times. In coming together to celebrate the heroism of Officer Kaderly and pay respects to Mr. Wright, Irmo exemplifies the strength of its community bonds.

Feature photo: A balloon release pays tribute to the victim at Irmo Village Apartments.