Yes, there are two candidates that did file to run for the vacant seat for Irmo town council. But what was left out is one of the candidates, George Frazier, is the same one that filed to run last August and used an address of a home he hadn’t lived in for a year.

You read that right. George Frazier sold the house at 142 Rose Oak Drive, Irmo in September 2022. And when he filed to run for Irmo town council in August 2023, he used that address as his current address, why you may ask? According to he lived on Ashland Road at that time, not in the town of Irmo. Even if that was not correct, he didn’t live at 142 Rose Oak Drive either. And if he had lived at an in town address, he would have used it, he didn’t.

Now let’s talk about the form he filled out and signed that said “I attest everything in this form is correct or will be by the time of the general election. “ His address wasn’t his true, correct, actual address when he filled out the form, nor was it likely that he was going to live there by the time of the election. In fact he was in the process of moving into another address off Archers Lane in the town of Irmo, when he got caught and disqualified.

As stated before all this was turned over to SLED election fraud department for them to determine what election laws have been violated, but you and I already know what is wrong here.

Yes it is not unusual for candidates and politicians to lie, and others, as well. But don’t you think we, the residents of the town of Irmo deserve better. If a candidate would lie about an address, lie about living in town when they don’t, perjure themselves on the form, just to run for office, possibly getting elected,as some do, but that’s another story, how can we trust them with anything they say to us ? “I care about….., believe me ….., I didn’t say……., I didn’t……”

Of course, some voters may not care, will overlook stuff like lying, keeping your word, being honest . Again some don’t care about integrity and character, maybe just looks, what they can get, what’s in it for them, who knows?

But I believe most residents in Irmo do care, do you want someone serving them that they can believe, can trust , when they are speaking and when they vote for what is best for you and for Irmo. That leaves one.

Hardy King

Actual Irmo Resident