Jay Kilmartin has been a breath of fresh air

Jay and I have been through a lot of things in our life. We’ve moved around the country opening and managing restaurants and we have been blessed with an amazing family. For the past 20 years, we have lived in our Irmo and Chapin community and we are blessed to have made a positive impact. Service has been at the heart of what we do and that is the case today more than ever.

Well before ever deciding to run for office, Jay has supported our first responders and he has continued to be their strongest advocate. That is why, despite the lies from left-wing groups with our opponent about my husband, the state Firefighters Association is supporting his re-election along with many others.

I know that people aren’t used to politicians keeping their word, but Jay has done that for a change. His steadfast support for our values is amazing but it is not a surprise to me or anyone who has known Jay. Jay has faithfully kept his promise to me in marriage for 27 years.

I could go over the numerous accomplishments in just one term such as banning transgender procedures for minors, protecting life, standing for health freedom and many others. Jay has stood strong on his convictions and he has done what he said he would do two years ago.

Stand with Jay and against the lies from the swamp in Columbia. Stand with Jay and against the lies from his opponent. Stand with Jay for what Chapin and Irmo believes.

I never considered a life where I was involved in daily politics, but there is a movement that Jay has been a part of. Please join us today and join us on June 11th to keep the momentum going.

Elizabeth Kilmartin

Wife of State Rep. Jay Kilmartin