Ken Loveless demands more media attention

Open Letter

The June 12 District Five board meeting began with a trustee’s reprimand of the Director of Communications for not sufficiently celebrating our new superintendent. Trustee Ken Loveless expressed disapproval that, “there was very little recognition on the district website and next to no fanfare in the community and the media about” the incoming interim superintendent.  

On the contrary: the new superintendent was announced through a district press release, in an email to all employees and families, and on District social media.  This is standard procedure for major announcements. Perhaps the lack of fanfare in the community — which is not the responsibility of the LexRich5 Director of Communications — is because the board of trustees’ actions do not reflect the majority of their electorate.  Lastly, the board of trustees have not lacked for media attention. Unfortunately, most of the attention was negative since the board has refused to explain why they forced the “resignation” of SC Superintendent of the Year with less than a month of the school year remaining. 

William Salter