S.C. Floodwater Commission chairman addresses Conservative Climate Foundation

Dr. Mullikin discusses conservative approach to climate change

By W. Thomas Smith Jr.

Dr. Tom Mullikin, South Carolina’s renowned global expedition leader and chair of the
gubernatorially established S.C. Floodwater Commission, addressed a gathering of the
Conservative Climate Foundation (CCF) at the historic Mills House hotel in Charleston,
S.C., Wednesday, Aug. 2.

Fresh off his month-long SC7 expedition across the Palmetto State, July 1-30, Mullikin
shared with CCF members and guests some of his environmental revelations gleaned
through decades of academic research and worldwide expeditionary experience. He
also discussed the success of the 4 th -annual SC7 Expedition which led participants on
an exploratory trek from the mountains in the Upstate through the Midlands, then toward
the Myrtle Beach coast, then the Lowcountry concluding at the old Spanish Moss Trail
in Beaufort County.

Beyond Mullikin’s international work and the recent SC7 Expedition, the former U.S.
Army officer and retired S.C. State Guard commander made three salient points as
regards climate and a universally non-partisan approach to it.

FIRST: The nature of amplified global climate change and the need for an effective
global agreement that includes all nations including China and India.

SECOND: The need to understand greenhouse gases and sources of these emissions
in order to instruct a path forward to reduce the same through advanced technology. 

THIRD: The need to dispel the common narrative that environmental and economic
sustainability are mutually exclusive.  

“South Carolina is a global model for how to reduce one’s environmental footprint while
enhancing the economy,” Mullikin said. 

Founded in 2021, the CCF supports members of Congress and conservative thought-
leaders working on climate issues as part of the U.S. House of Representative’s
Conservative Climate Caucus and the Republican Energy, Climate, and Conservation
Task Force. The CCF’s mission is “to engage and inform the public and policymakers about reducing global and domestic emissions with common sense, economic, and environmentally sustainable strategies and solutions based on conservative principles.”

Mullikin spoke during the CCF’s 2 nd -annual Communicators Retreat dinner at the hotel’s
Iron Rose Restaurant. 

– For more information about the CCF, please visit – rightonclimate.org/.