Second District Dispatch: August 5


By Congressman Joe Wilson

The newsletter on my work in Congress as the Representative for South Carolina’s Second District.

A Country in Crisis

Under President Biden, our country is in crisis. Our border is out of control, crime rates are surging, and record inflation is costing American families. On Thursday, I joined my Republican colleagues for a press conference on the House steps to call attention to the many issues being perpetrated by Democrats.

Countering China

Last week, I joined my Republican Study Committee colleagues in introducing the Countering Communist China Act. The United States can no longer stand for China’s malign influence, human rights abuses, and dishonest behavior. As Chairman of the RSC National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force, I’m grateful to work with RSC Chairman Jim Banks on the toughest China legislation in years. Enough is enough, China must be held responsible for their actions.

Turmoil in Tunisia

After the arrest of a member of parliament, the situation in Tunisia is only getting worse as President Kais Saied fast tracks the country to socialism. President Biden has said he will work to promote Democracy around the world but unfortunately, his weak foreign policy says otherwise.

Biden’s Distorted Defense Priorities

The Biden administration’s bloated $6.4 trillion budget proposal is more costly than all of World War II and is the equivalent of nearly $50,000 in government spending per American family.

This budget prioritizes advancing the socialist Green New Deal, expanding destructive unemployment benefits, and bailing out irresponsible state governments. Budgets generally reflect an administration’s priorities, and the Biden administration has made theirs clear by prioritizing unworkable big government policies over America’s national defense.

South Carolina Peach Delivery

Thank you, Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr of Titan Farms, for your annual delivery of South Carolina peaches to Capitol Hill. I always look forward to this delivery and sharing a taste of South Carolina with my friends and colleagues.