State of the Penny Address November 2

Richland County will bring together the County’s Transportation Penny Advisory Committee (TPAC), the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and The Comet for a joint 2023 State of the Penny Address. The public is invited to the live event at 6 pm November 2 at the Richland County Administration Building, 2020 Hampton Street, in Columbia. Space is limited.

The County’s Transportation Penny Tax program began in 2012, when residents voted to approve a one percent sales tax to fund much-needed transportation projects.

The November 2 address will feature a brief history of the Penny program and highlight current and completed projects, as well as the positive impact the $1.07 billion generated by the program has had on roadways, pedestrian improvements, greenways and public transportation since its inception.

TPAC Chairman John Black will provide opening remarks. Guests also will hear from local and state officials about the significance of the Transportation Penny and the impact the investment by taxpaying residents has had on the quality of life in Richland County.

Attendees will be able to submit questions to be answered as time permits. Questions may be submitted online in advance and during the event at [email protected].

The State of the Penny address also will be streamed live on the Richland County YouTube channel. For more information, follow Richland County Transportation Penny on Facebook. To learn more about the Transportation Penny program, visit