State Rep. RJ May endorses Griggs

During an “Evening with Haley Griggs” campaign event held at the Melting Pot restaurant on Thursday, Griggs received an endorsement from District 88 Representative RJ Maye.

 “I’m proud to endorse Haley Griggs for school board. Haley knows that decision-making power in education must be squarely in the hands of parents and teachers, not unelected bureaucrats in Washington or Columbia. Her real-world knowledge as a nurse practitioner will bring valuable medical insight to the board while we strive to return to normalcy. And Haley’s embrace of the American ideals we all share will serve us well. I know Haley will do a great job where the rubber meets the road in the tough decisions that will have to be made.”

The gathering of around 50 people at the restaurant was able to hear directly from the candidate and ask questions about her positions on multiple campaign issues.