As the leftovers are put away and the shopping lists come into focus, criminals spring into action to steal your would-be gifts and money. “This time of year always brings concerns for safety and security,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “Distractions a part of the holiday season and theyContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch The weather is getting cooler and more South Carolinians want to be outside; running near the dam, walking neighborhoods with their families, and heading out for nights on the town. That means more pedestrians on the streets, crosswalks and sidewalks. NHTSA reports that there is a traffic-related pedestrianContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch In 2019 alone, 126 people were killed in vehicles at railroad crossings, according to data from the Federal Railroad Administration. Of the fatal collisions that year, 94 occurred after the driver went around lowered crossing gate arms, which is a 10-year high. In fact, from 2015-2019, there wereContinue Reading

You’re running errands, bringing in groceries, heading back in the house to grab something—whatever the reason, you’ve left your car unlocked. Maybe you left a set of spare keys in the glove compartment as a backup. I get it, you’re busy and you shouldn’t have to lock your vehicle becauseContinue Reading