Top 5 Memory Boosting Habits for the New Year!

Top Memory Boosting Habits

The new year undoubtedly brings new goals and new wishes for this new beginning. This year, why not set your goals on keeping your brain healthy and resilient? Lucky for us, the brain is a muscle that can be strengthened with practice. Try these top tips for improving memory and establishing brain healthy habits.

Keep a Better Routine

By establishing — and sticking to — routines, you free your mind of daily time snatchers and memory thieves. “Routines help us attain efficiency, so we don’t have to expend a lot of brain power on predictable elements of our day. Efficiency in everyday activities frees up time and brainpower for more meaningful things in our lives.”

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Stop trying to multitask! By taking in less information at a time, you are better able to get meaning, develop knowledge, and make better connections.

Use All Your Senses

Memories are formed using more than one sense. Combining senses – like sight and sound – increases your ability to retain the memory.

Get Organized

Free up your working memory by writing it down or typing it into your phone, removing clutter in your everyday life, and designating a place for everything.

Take a Break

Life is hectic. Especially if you’re a caregiver. That’s why it’s essential to be intentional on taking regular breaks to unplug, recharge and refuel.

Source: Cleveland Brain Clinic

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