Town to receive ARPA money

“ARPA funds are on the way,” declared Mayor Barry A. Walker at the Tuesday, September 21 Irmo Town Council meeting. The 2.5 million dollars the town will receive is a portion of the American Rescue Plan Act that became effective back in March. It allows counties, cities and municipalities to apply for the 45.6 billion dollars allocated for metropolitan cities. Council appointed the Town Administrator and the Town Treasurer to be contact personnel for the money. The total is an estimate of the actual amount they will receive. 

The town accepted the only bid for a well to be drilled at the Rawls Creek Park. AAA Well Drilling was granted the $27,163.81 project bid.  

The Okra Strut was given an additional $20,000 from the ABC Special Fund to help defray this year’s festival cost. ”We had an increase in costs this year,” sad John Lindower, Okra Strut Commission Chairman. The Okra Strut Commission failed to file an application by deadline for a share of the Accommodations Tax.

A $3,000 cap was placed on a contract that was ratified with Gaffney Lewis LLC, a labor law consultant, to look into the allegations of a hostile work environment in Town Hall. “For the protection of the town we need this,” said Councilwoman Kathy Condom. 

Councilman Bill Danielson proposed the town attorney to explore the possibilities  of a partnership between the town of Irmo and private investors to develop a property located at 6354 St. Andrews Rd. near Carriage Lane. The motion passed and the mayor proposed that the Irmo Future Growth Corporation should look into it, also. “This is for the benefit of the town later on down the road,” said Danielson.

The council decided to amend a recommendation from the Accommodations Tax Funds Committee and awarded the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce $5295 who were originally not included.  The decision created concern among the council members.  “I think we should consider our committees decisions but at the same time they are human and they can make mistakes,” said Councilman Sickinger. Councilwoman Condom commented that, “I appreciate their input but the committee doesn’t work with the chamber like we do so I think we need to make a small change and award the chamber.”Mayor Walker didn’t agree. “I don’t think we should override our committees in their decision process because we task these people to go out and tell us how to break up these taxes,” said Mayor Barry Walker. “As far as I’m concerned I don’t want to set a precedent where we ask committees to do something and then we totally ignore what that suggestion was.” After amending the totals were $27500 to Lake Murray Country and $9000 to the International Festival along with the $5295 to the chamber.