Support for Herring

To all Lexington/Richland District 5 people voting in the special election to fill the current vacancy on the school board.

   I have reviewed all three candidates running for the Lexington/Richland 5 School Board seat on October 12, 2021.  This vacancy was created when Ed White resigned.  In looking at the credentials of all three canidates, it has become very clear to me that Jeff Herring is the most qualified for this job.  When we look at this job, it is multi-dimensional as to the talents a school board member needs to possess in this elected position.  He has made this choice abundantly clear through these factual reasons that he has expressed on the excellent qualifications he brings to the table as he runs for this position on the D 5 board. I obtained this information from his website,

1.  He has been a teacher in the classroom, teaching 5th grade math at Busbee Elementary in Cayce to doing student related stints at Irmo High School to get his degree from The University of South Carolina.  He knows firsthand some of the things that teachers go through in the classroom.

2.  He has 20 years of banking and financing experience, where he was an Associate Director of Branch Operations for a 750 Billion Dollar Company.  Lexington/Richland 5 is a billion-dollar operation that needs this kind of financial experience at the helm.  He was responsible for writing policies and procedures, as well as interpreting and revising current policies.  Understanding this process makes navigating how business is done much easier. He learned how to cut through red tape. He was responsible for branch budgeting. He also knows how to read balance sheets, formulate strategies to cut waste and maximize what we have to work with. This correlates directly with what our school board does/ should be doing.

3.  He has been a member of 3 SICs and numerous volunteer projects within D5.  One of his SICs won SIC of the year.  That year he was the chair of The Anti-Bullying Campaign.  He has been involved in the schools for over 10-years.  He has worked directly with principals, teachers and students.

4.  He has been into every school in this district, with the exception of Piney Woods, as a student, teacher, parent, or volunteer. He has witnessed, firsthand, each school in operation. 

5.  He has a background in real estate.  He understands easements, right of ways and the term “landlocked.”  He understands appraisals and property values.  Some of the purchases made in the past decade were not diligently researched and negotiated prior to purchase.  The million dollar purchase of property on Mount Vernon Church Road, that can’t have a school built on it, would not have happened without a vocal objection and reasoning if Jeff Herring had been on the school board!

6.  Jeff Herring is not asking or accepting donations from former or current board members!  This separates him from being a part of any agenda or owing any “favors”.

7.  He writes his own ads and speaks for himself.  He does not have or rely on anyone to promote their words through him.  Jeff’s words are what he feels and stands for!  Jeff is always open minded and open for communication, regardless of the subject.

8.  Jeff was a member of The Richland County Sheriff’s Department citizens group in Region 4.  This group met with the Captain of Region 4 to discuss what the citizens would like to see done by the sheriffs department to make our communities an even better place to live.  Jeff, along with other members pressed for School Resource Officers. This effort was significant in placing SRO’s in the schools within two years.

9.  Jeff is self-employed and has flexible hours.  This is going to allow him not to miss meetings and get out and visit every school as frequently as possible.  He can then make decisions as he’s able to see for himself what is going on in the schools and not through listening to second or third hand information.

10.  Jeff is a proud father of a D5 high school student.  Jeff Herring brings to the table a well rounded candidate that understands what our school district needs to make the students the best that that they can possibly be.  I encourage everyone to do their homework on the candidates running, I believe that you will see that Jeff Herring is the best suited for Richland/Lexington District 5 School Board!

Mike Sloan
1430 Wonder Drive
Chapin, SC 29036