4 reasons I am voting for Haley Griggs in the Oct 12 school board special election

1. Haley knows that our district has spent millions building a new high school will low enrollment and buying properties we don’t need, while our older schools need millions in repairs. Her opponent is supported by the leaders and developers who made those decisions. (See “Fiscal Responsibility” at https://www.haleygriggsford5.com/issues

2. Haley has meticulously followed the campaign finance laws. Her opponent has not. They only filed past the deadline when an Irmo parent tried to follow her money trail and could not and was called out on it in an Irmo News article that was pulled by the publisher after it had been up for one hour. https://thenewirmonews.com/campaign-finance-law-and…/…

3. On the issues, Haley has been specific, Her opponent has been vague. Compare their mailers and their websites and you will see that Haley has been very professional and respectful and strongly conservative in her values. As a nurse practitioner, she has specific recs on how to protect students’ health and education during this pandemic. She is against promoting critical race theory in our district.

4. In her first appearance in the District 5 candidate forum she did not present herself as strongly as her opponent in the impromptu question/answer segment. But this is an area where I think she can grow with experience. It seems to me like this election is a choice between one candidate with a little more experience in presentation and another with more clearly thought-out stands on issues and values I share. I will vote for values.

Please share if you agree and live in District 5. Lael Arrington, author of Faith and Culture and former pastor’s wife. https://www.haleygriggsford5.com

Lael Arrington