Lexington County deputies have charged a Columbia man in connection with the weekend theft of three catalytic converters. Ajee Piedra Jimenez, 27, is charged with unlawful transport of nonferrous metals, transportation of stolen nonferrous metals and possessing tools capable of being used in a crime, according to arrest warrants. “DeputiesContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch Places are opening up again, vacations are back on and you’re ready to head out of town. Before you do that, let’s take a moment to talk about vacation safety. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to share your adventurous vacation photos on social media. But, what ifContinue Reading

The story of RCSD Corporal Ryan MacAdams By W. Thomas Smith Jr. IT’S BEEN SAID THAT DYNAMITE COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES. And it does. Then there is a tiny chip of uranium: Dangerous if mishandled, yet capable of lighting entire cities and more. Perhaps it is that chip of uraniumContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch Sometimes it just seems so slow. Why are there limits? You’re late to work, late to school or to an important meeting. So, you speed a little bit to make up time. But, is it really worth it? After all, does an extra 10mph hurt anyone? The NationalContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch Warmer temperatures means more people are leaving the windows down in their vehicles and more people are leaving their cars running attended to cool off before their commutes. This equals multiple opportunities for thieves to get inside your vehicle and steal it. The best theft prevention method isContinue Reading

Irmo Police have announced an arrest in connection with a shooting incident May 30. The Irmo Police were called after two vehicles were exchanging gunfire while traveling into the Friarsgate neighborhood. One of the vehicles crashed into another motorist. Four of the occupants from that vehicle fled the area onContinue Reading

By W. Thomas Smith Jr. Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. (RCSD) Deputy Sarah Merriman was presented the American Legion (S.C. Dept.) Award for Bravery during ceremonies at the Columbia Marriot, Fri., May 28. The award reads: “For outstanding courage and bravery above and beyond the call of duty.” Merriman was similarlyContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch You’ve read it before in this space: Seat belts save lives. But let me give that statement some weight: Between 2015 and 2019, seat belts saved more than 69,000 lives. That means 69,000 seat belts prevented families from grieving the loss of their loved ones for decades toContinue Reading

Koon’s Watch As the temperature continues to rise, traffic at Lake Murray is ramping up. The lake is a large part of the high quality of life we enjoy here in Lexington County. With more than 650 miles of shoreline, thousands of boaters, skiers and campers visit the water duringContinue Reading