District Five students at The Center receive national recognition

Three Lexington-Richland School District Five students have been recognized by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) for scoring at the Advanced-Proficient level, which is the highest scoring tier possible on the Advanced Career (AC) exams.

Center for Advanced Technical Studies (The Center) students Gavin McLaurin, Jeremy Pieters and Arabella Walters participated in the End-of-Course assessment for Clean Energy Technology-Course One last June. The national exam tests student comprehension of math, science, literacy, and technical skills while covering topics from many different areas of Clean Energy.

“This result truly shows the dedication of these students to their Career and Technical Education (CTE) studies at The Center during a difficult and abnormal school year,” Clean Energy Technology Instructor Patrick Smallwood said. “I’m super proud of these students who represent three different high schools in our district. Gavin was a Spring Hill High student who graduated in June, while Jeremy is a current Chapin High student and Arabella is a current Dutch Fork High student. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with students from across the district at The Center and help them achieve success in their Career & Technical program of choice.”

The Clean Energy Technology program at The Center enables students to apply fundamental science and operating principles of clean energy systems to authentic problems. Such problems involve motors and generators, photovoltaic systems, water and energy conservation, wind turbines, biofuel generation, bioreactors, water power, energy harvesting, fuel cells and nuclear power. Students use an engineering design process to develop solutions to these authentic problems.

To learn more about SREB’s Advanced Career curricula, go to sreb.org/advanced-career.