Ethics and integrity of the candidates

It is an election year for the Town of Irmo. I’ve been a registered voter for almost 25 years. However, as another campaign begins, I can’t help but wonder what other voters consider before heading to the polls. It’s a non-partisan election. In my opinion, it essentially helps shroud each candidate just enough to obscure clear lines defining moral integrity. Candidates make the quintessential promises needed for voters to check some boxes and make their decision. It’s interesting that in a relatively small town of less than 20,000 people that even reliable voters don’t really concern themselves with integrity and honesty of a candidate.

South Carolina Ethics Commission provides public officials and public employees with the necessary tools to ensure compliance with the rules of conduct and financial, campaign, and lobbying disclosure, as well as the public and the media with the necessary information to be adequately informed.

How many citizens are concerned about code of conduct, financial disclosure, and the compliance of our elected officials?

A current elected official in Irmo has never disclosed any personal property, commercial property, and/or business income/or property. They didn’t even disclose the money their spouse received from the gun by back program in Irmo. I was at the gun by back program for hours and personally witnessed two elected officials profiting from surrendering guns.

Do citizens even care about the ethics and integrity of the candidates we elect? 

Resident of Irmo SC

Name withheld by request/identified with newspaper