Harbison West welcomes grandparents

On September 8, Harbison West Elementary School welcomed more than 250 grandparents to campus to have lunch with their students.

While on campus the grandparents were served a hot meal that included chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and peach cobbler.

Having an opportunity to have grandparents on campus is a long-standing tradition.

“It is a great day when we are able to welcome the generation that paved the way for us to our campus,” Harbison West Principal Dr. Thomas Turner said. “These experiences will serve as lifetime memories for families who participate in the event. Not only does this help build a sense of community within our school, but it also helps strengthen family bonds while enhancing the social and emotional development of our students. As a school, we look forward to hosting this event every year.”

Grandparents Day can look different from school to school. An event that recognizes and/or celebrates grandparents establishes continuity of relationships while affirming the contributions they make in the lives of children. Schools can support this connection through events such as the luncheon hosted by Harbison West.

Turner was complimentary of the turnout for the event and how the students and staff responded to the slight change in the day.

“The grandparents were a pleasure to have on campus,” he said. “The students and staff worked really hard to ensure our event ran smoothly. We are always excited to open the doors to our community and welcome visitors to Harbison West.”