Mayor Barry Walker has filed to run for re-election

Mayor Barry Walker kicked off his re-election campaign on August 16th. LEADERSHIP has come to define his first term in office. Elected in November of 2019 with a promise of change and progress, he wasted no time in setting his vision into motion.

Mayor Walker’s tenure was marked by navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, developing citizen committees and promoting fiscal responsibility and sound financial management. From the moment he took office, he dedicated himself to analyzing the Town’s budget with meticulous attention to detail. Under his guidance, the Town managed to save an astonishing $6 million by going after available grants as opposed to just adding requests to the Town’s budget. These savings were not the result of indiscriminate cuts but rather a testament to Mayor Walker’s dedication to conservative fiscal decisions that aimed to ensure the long-term positive financial health of IRMO.

Recognizing that our Town has grown significantly and our present administration building could not support all the Town’s needs, Mayor Walker embarked on a mission to seek out grants and external funding sources to build a new Town Hall complex. His tireless efforts bore fruit as he has secured numerous grants to supplement the new Town hall construction budget. This additional funding will allow the town to invest in the much needed infrastructure improvements without burdening the citizens with increased taxes or debt.

One of Mayor Walker’s cornerstones was transparency in government. He firmly believes that the town’s spending decisions should be open for public review. Through his leadership, he implemented policies that made financial records easily accessible, allowing citizens to scrutinize and understand how their tax dollars are being utilized. This level of transparency fostered trust and accountability, strengthening the bond between the Town’s administration and its residents.

The Mayor also prioritized public safety. He ensured that the IRMO Police Department was fully funded, equipping officers with the necessary resources to protect and serve the community effectively. Remarkably, he managed to achieve this without imposing additional taxes on the hardworking citizens. This is a testament to his commitment to responsible governance.

Mayor Walker didn’t stop at financial and safety achievements. He had a vision for the town’s future that extended beyond mere numbers. Under his leadership, the County Government stayed on track with the ambitious project to widen Broad River Road from I-26 to Ballentine. This infrastructure development promises to improve connectivity and ease of travel for the Town’s growing population.

Finally, Mayor Walker recognized the importance of community spirit and togetherness. He organized a series of events in our Community Parks, providing opportunities for neighbors to come together, share a hot dog, and forge lasting connections. These gatherings, known affectionately as “Over the Fence Opportunities,” has brought the Town’s residents closer and enriched the sense of community that has made our Town so special.

In the end, Mayor Barry Walker’s first term will be defined by his unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility, transparency, public safety, infrastructure development, and community building. His accomplishments are a testament in to his dedication to the well-being and prosperity of our Town, thus leaving a legacy that will continue to inspire future generations.

This is why re-electing Mayor Barry Walker is essential to solidifying the positive sensible growth the Town of IRMO has experienced over the last four years. Mayor Walker says “It is my goal to make IRMO,SC the most desirable place to live, work and raise your family in America.”