Irmo High excels at national event

Irmo High School represented the state at the 30th Annual LifeSmarts National Consumer Challenge, held in San Diego, California April 18- 21.

Irmo High’s team was one of 47 teams selected nationwide.

One of the team’s standout moments was the recognition they received for an anti-counterfeiting poster created by their captain, Graham Matheny. This acknowledgment not only showcases the team’s creativity but also underscores their understanding of consumer issues. 

Irmo High School’s LifeSmarts team was also honored as a LifeSparks Team, a distinction awarded to exemplary participants in this year’s competition. This recognition reflects Irmo’s commitment to promoting consumer literacy and equipping students with essential life skills.

During the competition, Irmo’s students tested their knowledge against peers from across the country. The team members—Graham Matheny (captain), Joseph Folding, Matthew Blocker, Jayden Widmer, and Jerrado Frazier—demonstrated expertise and collaboration throughout the event.

Coach Tari Watson and Assistant Coach Jeremey McMichael, helped to prepare the team for the competition and played a part in making it a memorable experience for the team members.  

“This has been one of the best academic experiences of my high school career and I’m looking forward to trying to make it to the next one in Chicago, IL next year,” Blocker said.

Thanks to a $4,000 sponsorship from Norton the team had the opportunity to travel and compete at the national level.

“Helping students to connect classroom knowledge in real-life situations is one of my favorite parts of LifeSmarts,” Watson said. “I also enjoy helping to give students opportunities to travel across the country and have new experiences that will last a lifetime.”