Jason Guerry running for new Senate District 26

Jason Guerry, a dedicated leader with a strong commitment to family, community, and faith, is running for the new Senate District 26 in South Carolina. With 30 years of experience in both family and business, Jason brings a deep understanding of the needs of the community and a vision for moving them forward.

As a devoted husband and father, Jason values strong family values and understands their importance in shaping society. His faith serves as the cornerstone of his character, guiding him in all aspects of life and work. As a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry, Jason has demonstrated leadership, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.

Jason is deeply connected to the community, actively contributing to its growth and prosperity. With his wife serving as the Register of Deeds for Lexington County, Jason understands the importance of effective governance and is committed to working with community leaders to address key issues and improve infrastructure.

In the SC Senate, Jason aims to focus on several key issues. Mental health is a priority, and he recognizes the complexity of mental health issues and the need for facilities that can provide effective treatment. Skilled trade education is also important to Jason, as he believes in the value of vocational education programs and the opportunities they provide for stable and lucrative careers.

Additionally, Jason is committed to implementing true road improvements, including widening roads, upgrading traffic signals, repairing potholes, and implementing traffic calming measures to create safer and more efficient road networks for communities.

With his dedication to serving others and his commitment to addressing important issues, Jason Guerry is the right choice to represent the interests of Senate District 26 and lead the community towards a brighter future. Please vote for Jason Guerry in the Republican Primary on June 11th.