Let’s keep our kids safe

Koon’s Watch

Summer sure went by quickly! It’s that magical time of year again: back-to-school; early morning wake-ups, bus rides and homework.

With this time of year comes the need for an increase in safety awareness. Kids and adults alike can do their part to keep everyone safe by following these tips.

• Always use the crosswalk when one is available.
• Wear reflective clothing when possible while walking/riding to the bus stop or school.
• Step as far away from the road/curb as possible when waiting for the bus to arrive.
• Always walk in the direction against traffic so you can see what is coming up the road.
• Be alert to your surroundings: don’t text and walk.
• Safety in pairs: walk or ride with a buddy and don’t talk to strangers.

• Slow down and observe all speed limits, especially in school zones.
• Watch out for school crossing guards and pay attention to their signs.
• Be vigilant of children standing at bus stops in the dark hours of the morning.
• Don’t block crosswalks when stopped at a light or sign. Yield to pedestrians crossing.
• Do not pass a school bus loading or unloading children on a two-lane road in either direction or a multi-lane road when traveling behind the bus.
• Pay attention to kids getting out of vehicles in the carpool and student drop-off lanes.