Local businessman Jay Kilmartin enters the race for State House District 85

With a message of standing against the Biden Administration, protecting individual freedoms and empowering the families of Chapin and Irmo, businessman Jay Kilmartin launched his campaign for the June 14th Republican Primary for State House District 85, being vacated by retiring Rep. Chip Huggins.

“Our country and our state are in crisis mode and the people of Chapin and Irmo deserve a representative who will fight every day for them,” Kilmartin said. “We cannot have candidates with platitudes. We must have conservatives who will uphold the constitution, end the possibility of mandates, rid our educational system of racist Critical Race Theory, give parents a choice in their child’s education, reform our election system, protect women in our everyday lives, be a sanctuary for the life of the unborn and reverse the attack from the left on our values.”

Kilmartin, the current 3rd Vice Chairman of the Lexington County Republican Party, said that his run wasn’t something he had ever planned to do:

“I had no idea that Chip (Huggins) wasn’t going to seek re-election. I could just enjoy life and watch things happen. My history of activism in the district and state for the values we believe in wouldn’t allow me to just sit back. We are at a point in time where we cannot just sit by and let the dominoes fall.”

Kilmartin is married to his wife Elizabeth and they have two children – Ian and Rhys. They own and operate the local Melting Pot restaurant as well as other businesses. Ian serves in the US Coast Guard and Rhys attends Southeastern University.

The campaign can be reached at JayforHouse85.com