Mayoral candidate visits Optimists

Councilman Bill Danielson, who has spoken to St. Andrews Optimists in the past, appeared September 8 in his new role as a candidate for Mayor of the Town of Irmo.

Having announced formally, Danielson spoke to the club about both his motivations for seeking the office and about some of the keys to his vision of leadership. While not an all-inclusive list, some of his commitments are;

Fiscal discipline. To be watchful for excessive and/or frivolous spending in order to be a worthy steward of available funding. To spend based on council-supported, prioritized projects

Business-friendly approach. To create and foster an atmosphere which not only supports existing businesses, but also makes Irmo attractive to new business ventures. Danielson believes being intentional toward the business climate will render healthy growth.

Strong support of law enforcement and first responders. To ensure both those entities have the equipment and backing to provide maximum safety for Irmo citizens.

Respect for quality of life. To Danielson, there are reasons why residents of the Irmo community love to live here, so he commits to making progress without losing that important intangible.

Pictured are Optimist Club President Larry Blosser, Councilman Danielson, and speaker sponsor Morgan Leath.