Rep. Jay Kilmartin kicks off re-election in front of an overflow crowd

Saluda Shoals Park was packed on Thursday, January 18 as State Rep. Jay Kilmartin (R-District 85) kicked off his re-election campaign.

“The momentum is at an all-time high for conservatism and freedom in South Carolina and right here in District 85,” Kilmartin said. He added that “our support has multiplied because I ran on our conservative principles and I have stuck by those principles and have only gotten stronger. The people appreciate representatives who follow through on their word.”

Kilmartin was flanked by numerous local and statewide elected officials in front of an audience of over two hundred supporters – to the point of having to open up an extra room to accommodate the large crowd.

“The amount of support is beyond anything I could have imagined. People are ready to secure another term so I can continue to fight for them,” Kilmartin said. “I will continue to fight for the next several months to build on the successes.

“Last week we had the passage of the ‘Help, not Harm’ bill protecting minors from gender surgeries and transitioning. I have been a champion of the legislation since I started on the campaign trail nearly two years ago. I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish for Chapin, Columbia and Irmo.”

The statewide Republican Primaries take place on Tuesday, June 11 while the general election takes place on Tuesday, November 5. For more information on Rep. Kilmartin, visit