South Carolinians Rally at State House, Advocating for Transparent and Secure Elections

In a resounding call for election integrity, citizens from every corner of South Carolina are set to gather at the State House on January 9, 2024. The rally, slated from 10 AM to noon, aims to amplify voices across the political spectrum, advocating for strong election laws and a transparent, verifiable vote-counting process.

Diverse Array of Speakers: The event boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including political figures and advocates such as Rep. Rob Harris, Rep. Mike Burns, and Sen. Tom Corbin. Joining them are notable personalities like Laura Scharr, Founder of SC Safe Elections, cybersecurity expert Julie Baker, and Cryste Carroll, a data analyst from SCSE. The inclusion of voices like Lauren Martel, representing voters who faced challenges at the polls, adds a personal touch to the proceedings.

Unity Across Political Divides: Set against the backdrop of growing concerns about the integrity of the electoral process, this rally invites citizens of all political persuasions to stand united. The overarching message is a collective call for free, secure, and transparent elections. The organizers hope the event will serve as a powerful statement to legislators, emphasizing the shared commitment to a democratic process that instills confidence in every voter.

Addressing Electoral Concerns: The pressing need for the rally stems from a widespread loss of confidence in electronic voting systems. More than half of Americans fear potential election irregularities in 2024, necessitating a reevaluation of existing systems. Advocates argue that no electoral process should be tolerated if it lacks public trust.

Proposals for Reform: While acknowledging the passage of Election Bill Act 150 in 2022 as a positive step, attendees insist on further legislative action. Their proposed reforms include granting the public free access to voter rolls, security logs, and cast vote records. The ultimate goal is to shift towards a more transparent voting method, and the rally will feature a hand-counting demonstration inside the State House lobby to showcase the viability of this alternative.

Building Confidence Through Transparency: The event’s call to action extends to state representatives, senators, and the governor, urging them to work collaboratively towards a more secure and transparent electoral process. Advocates believe that South Carolina can lead the way by adopting in-person voting with hand-marked, hand-counted paper ballots—a system that promises both security and transparency.

As South Carolinians prepare to make their voices heard at the State House, the rally stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of democracy and the collective pursuit of a robust electoral system.