A Real American Red Cross hero

By Dr. Carlos W. Gibbons

Gene Swygert, a local Irmo/Chapin resident, has been giving blood to the American Red Cross for more than 50 years. As of this date, he has given more than 50 gallons of blood and more than 400 visits to the local Red Cross campus to give blood and platelets. As of September 23, a Red Cross representative stated he has helped save 1,176 lives.

Swygert is a most civic-minded citizen and believes he should do all he can to help others in need. That includes giving blood and platelets to the American Red Cross.

He is one of the major donors in South Carolina. Swygert not only gives blood and platelets, but is a legend in helping senior citizens with home health needs, like building a ramp for a handicapped person, visiting residents in nursing homes, and cheering up the lonely especially those with few or no relatives and visitors. He picks up and delivers prescriptions to the disabled and shut-ins.

He is a leader in the Masonic Fraternity and supports Masonic related charities, including the Masonic Oxford Children’s Home in Oxford, North Carolina. He supports the Newberry Boys Farm, the Leeza Gibbons Care Connection Foundation, and the Chapin Methodist Church. He donates to Spartanburg Methodist College and the Cal Farleys Boys Ranch in Texas. He helps Masonic Brothers who pick up trash and litter on local Ballentine highways; has done many Masonic rituals and helps coach Masonic Brothers. He makes and gives away bags of the best peanut brittle you ever tasted, to shut-ins, the needy, and friends. He is one of the most humanitarian persons you could ever know.

Swygert is a member, Vice-President of the John De La Howe Alumni Board and A member of the Advisory Council of Leeza’s Care Connection Foundation.

He had a 33-year career with Sloan Construction Company, starting out as an apprentice and rising to the rank of Regional Manager. He is a moralistic and ethical person, and one on whom you can always depend.