Bill Danielson for Irmo Town Council

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I endorse and support Bill Danielson for Irmo Town Council. I have known Bill for many years and in many different capacities.

Serving with Bill on the Glenforest School Board for 3 years really showed me his leadership skills. (Glenforest School is a school that works with students who learn differently than others and most are on the autistic spectrum.) Bill always took the time to gather information, analyze it, and then work with others to make the correct decision.

Bill is a hard worker but he also thinks and analyzes before he speaks. He is a team player and works well with others. Bill is also not afraid to make the hard decisions when it is necessary because he has done his homework. He has shown that while serving on Town Council.

I proudly endorse him for the Irmo Town Council because of his leadership skills and experience. Re-elect Bill Danielson on Nov. 2.

Sincerely, Marilyn Gray, President/CEO GMM Insurance