Two School Board Trustees back Haley Griggs

School Board Trustees Jan Hammond and Catherine Huddle have announced their support for Haley Griggs in the special election for the Richland side of Lexington-Richland School District Five.

In her endorsement, Hammond said, “Haley Griggs has the kind of fresh perspective we need in members of the school board. I am excited about the future with Haley and her background as a medical professional. Her pertinent experience makes her an ideal member of the District Five School Board Board.”

Huddle said, “I am very pleased to endorse Haley Griggs for the open District Five School Board seat for Richland County. Haley is a district parent and a hard-working Nurse Practitioner. With her background, she will represent an important facet of our community – especially as we deal with a pandemic. One only needs to meet Haley to see that she is filled with enthusiasm and a positive outlook for our district.”

Griggs, an Irmo Nurse Practitioner and District Five parent, was thrilled about earning their support:

“It speaks volumes about my vision for the district that, as someone who hasn’t been a part of any of the past or present politics of the school board, I have gotten the support of these strong school board members. I am ready to get to work with Dr. Akil Ross and the board to be the best district we can be.”

The special election for the school board takes place on October 12. To find out more about Haley Griggs and her campaign, visit