Hines, Huddle and Hogan Best for D-5 School Board There are many good choices for the Lexington/Richland County School Board election. We are fortunate for that. Having researched the many new candidates there are three that bring a true collaborative, inclusiveness and passion to serve our community. Those candidates areContinue Reading

When each of us answers the key question: “What’s in it for my child?’ we have to be honest with ourselves. Not all graduates will be able to do computer work. That has been borne out most painfully with the pandemic. There are many service industries where the stay atContinue Reading

Please be aware that our Irmo neighbor at 302 Connie Wright Road, Irmo (TMS #:04200-06-65) is applying to rezone his approximate 3 acres of property from rural district (RU) to RC (rural commercial). I have lived on the same road for over 20 years and raised a child who wentContinue Reading

On November 3rd there is an opportunity for the voters of Lexington/Richland School District 5 to make real change. Let me share with you the reasons I stand for change.   I am disappointed and dismayed at decisions that are made without the approval of the entire board. We are elected to beContinue Reading

During these uncertain times, the school dilemma is of great concern to many parents, teachers and students. Virtual learning presents difficulties for almost everyone. But attendance inside the school buildings is equally problematic due to fears about illness from the virus. We all feel for families trying to juggle jobs,Continue Reading

Doctors, nurses and healthcare providers across America have heroically risked their lives treating patients suffering from COVID-19. These healthcare heroes deserve support from our communities and lawmakers. But the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is scheduled to cut reimbursement rates in early 2021 that our doctors depend on.Continue Reading

Letter to Editor What has the Town Council been smoking to approve this kind of buffoonery? A virtual Okrastrut that is going to cost an estimated $43,700? Really. And what exactly do we get for the money? An event that nobody is going to attend. How exactly do you haveContinue Reading

Opinion For nearly 50 years the Town of Irmo has held one of the state’s best and nationally known fall festivals called the Irmo Okra Strut. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most festivals across the country have been or are being cancelled and the Okra Strut should be no different.Continue Reading

Opinion Leo Tolstoy, in an essay about War and Peace, debates whether history is shaped by Historical Forces or by Great Men. Indeed, War and Peace itself is Tolstoy’s way of exploring this dichotomy. He comes down on the side of Historical Forces. He downplays the importance of Great Men.Continue Reading

 Every day there’s a new headline about whether or not schools will reopen. For families all across our state, this is making what life will look like this fall extremely difficult to predict.  You don’t know whether your kids will be in school buildings or at home doing distance learning, or some hybrid in-between.   WhatContinue Reading