Irmo Chamber names student, teacher of the month

Oak Pointe Elementary School teacher Alyssa Powers and student Stephanie Price were selected as the Teacher and Student of the Month for the Irmo Chamber.

“Alyssa Powers is a fifth grade teacher and our current Teacher of the Year. In addition to being a world class teacher, she makes it a priority to check on her coworkers and students to makes sure everyone feels safe and supported,” Principal Leonard McCloud said. “She plans plans activities and events at our school to promote a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. We are so grateful to have her at the Best School Ever.”

Principal McCloud said, “Stephanie Price is a fifth grade student at Oak Pointe. She consistently and actively works on personal and academic growth. She seeks feedback and uses it to make decisions that strengthen her character and actions in and outside the classroom. She is a helpful member of the school news show and is committed to completing all her roles in the school joyfully. She is an all-around great young lady who represents our school very well.”