We have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca Blackburn Hines as small business owners in Chapin and, as former teachers, within this district and neighboring districts. When Rebecca told us she was running for the District 5 School Board, we could not think of a better person for the job.Continue Reading

As a lifelong resident of Irmo, Dutch Fork High School graduate, and now the parent of a future Lex/Rich 5 student, I have a very strong desire to see the district continue to thrive. While I acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of the current School Board, I believe that itContinue Reading

On November 3, 2020, our community has a very important election for three new members on the Lexington Richland District 5 School Board. Two incumbents are running again. Robert Gantt (Richland County) is running for his sixth 4-year term on the school board. Michael Cates (Lexington County) is running forContinue Reading

Dear Editor, Three of my sons attended District 5 schools. They attended Irmo elementary and middle schools, and graduated from Dutch Fork High School. My grandson is a first grader now, and I am holding my breath. Why? Because I’ve watched and been a part of this district for 26Continue Reading

To whom it may Concern, I am writing to express my support for Lexington County Candidate, Rebecca Hines, for Rich/Lex School District 5. Rebecca Hines has been a servant leader to the Irmo/Chapin Community since I’ve known her, especially the business community. Having served on boards and councils with Rebecca,Continue Reading

Dear Editor: In recent years the School Board of Lexington and Richland District 5 has been hampered by infighting and a lack of civility. We, along with many other citizens and families, wish to see a positive change in the way the School Board conducts its business and responds toContinue Reading

On November 3, 2020, there is a very important local election for the Lexington Richland School District Five Board of Trustees. Three seats are up this year and two incumbents are running for those seats along with a candidate they have endorsed for the third seat. Robert Gantt (Richland) andContinue Reading